Friday, May 09, 2008

Wide face has a boyf

A turn up for the bus books books today. Wide face has got herself a man. Good on her. WF's boyf was really good looking too. Coffee commercial good looking.

As you know I think unpleasant things - fuck I call her wide face and she seems to be a nice person. But I couldn't but help think 'would he have to position himself at an angle or further away to stare into her eyes?'

Yeah, I am not a nice person. I blame my low grade OCD. Apparently us LGOCD types frequently have bad thoughts.

Oh I've never been diagnosed in reality. I read an article about it and I decided I fit the symptoms.

Go me.


  1. OMG! I must have LGOCD too!

  2. Hooray! Do you pick up rubbish from your foyer because you're worried someone will slip on it? I do. Do you have sudden thoughts of harming others - people you love dearly - but this weird thoughts of horrible deeds come unbidden.

    Um ... well ... yes. I really hate those ones. Apparently quite common...

  3. Sorry 'these'. I should really proof better.

  4. I have a thing about power points. If one is switched on but with nothing plugged in I have to turn it off. Even if I am in a shop and see it. One day I had to sit and stare at one that was turned on but it was about 10ft from the ground so I couldn't reach it. The longest 5 minutes of my life. I swear my hands were twitching.

    Maybe not harming friends. But I do sometimes have a desire to just rip the heads off random people in the street. Of course, this could just be a result of being a redhead... I settle for glaring at them. This is why I make a habit of wearing sunnies everywhere.

  5. Everyone thinks unpleasant things. You're just more honest than the people who criticise you for the thoughts you admit to having.