Thursday, May 01, 2008

This man is a golden gawd

Meet Adam Chodikoff. Adam is the chief researcher for 'The Daily Show'. His job is to trawl through thousands of hours of footage to find what a politician said back then as compared to now and thus point out what a lying toerag they are.

In times past the Jester was the one who could speak truth to power. He alone could skewer a king with wit and truth combined and keep his head intact for doing so.

With much of the mainstream media in the US unwilling to call Bush et al for their lies and distortion the job falls to the satirists. And satirists need fuel for their comedic engine. This man is joke fuel.

So Adam Chodikoff. You sir are my hero. If I was gay and hot I would fully bone you.

On a side note, many years ago the Bevester and I went and saw a movie together. Popcorn (a jumbo) was purchased and we got two empty medium tubs. In the nearly deserted theatre I then spent some moments tipping the tub between the mediums (to save money you see).

A couple of stoners up the back saw this in progress and decided we were a pair of gay dudes on account of my popcorn fussing about.

But, here's the kicker. They thought I was the husband.

I don't know why but I thought it was kewl.

In all seriousness I would be fully chuffed to be hit on by a gay dude considering that they just pip hetro chicks on the looks are important front. Having been a failure in the war to win casual sex, never having had an actual one night stand on account of A) my fear of rejection and B) my extreme unsexiness, I have to admit my inability on that front irked me in times past (cue self esteem loss). So if a gay dude wanted to nibble my nob I would indeed be most pleased with myself (since logically I could not be an extreme ugo). Take that women I lusted after. You could have had some of this tastiness.


  1. So I guess the question is ... if it wasn't for the fact that you are now married, would you let a totally hot guy nibble your knob?

  2. Hell no. I don't swing that way. But it would be nice to be asked.

  3. You don't necessarily have to swing that way to be tempted.

    I know if, say, Zooey Deschanel dropped by and said "Hey MB, how bout it?", I wouldn't say no.

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  5. Maybe I should put word veri back on?


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