Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Cyclone killed 10,000 in one town.

If this happened in a western country we'd be glued to the TV, S11 style. Ironic huh? Assume 30k are dead that's x10 S11's loss.

Why is the impact of natural disaster so much greater in the developing world? Is it because part of the reason they're still developing because their environment hampers it (ie storms, earthquakes etc). Is the infrastructure/construction of dwellings inferior to us in the west? Is it just shitty luck, a crappy roll of the dice that you're born into a country that gets so easily pasted by a raging mother nature.

Poor bastards. I know one thing though. Being a dictatorship (or oligarchy) means people are going to get less help because of the restrictions placed on aid relief.

Fuckers. If there's an afterlife I hope those kleptocratic cvnts that have a 500k+ army to control their people rather than for external defence get it in the pooper*

*Unless they're into that of course.

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  1. Well just look at the coverage that was given to 6 people who died when they were joyriding in a stolen boat on Sydney Harbour... The life of a single westerner is worth about a thousand brown people, in media coverage terms.


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