Monday, May 12, 2008

Disgraced former Disaster Relief chief pauses mid defecation to pep self up

Michael Brown's Toilet, Somewhere; Former Federal Emergency Management Agency head, Michael Brown, who ignominiously resigned following mismanagement of the agency during the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, today paused during a bowel motion in order to gather his strength for a final faecal push.

The turd, which was a real big one, had given the Bush political appointee significant pain during its attempted passing, and had been gophered in and out of his arse no less than three times to loosen the sphincter to a point where the big drop was possible.

‘Come on Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a jobbie,’ said Brown in the third person by way of self encouragement.

Left: Brown - pauses poo.

The former disaster relief head, whose pre-agency Disaster management experience had comprised of his being a college intern in the city manager's office, experienced relief of his own when the oversized leaving finally plopped free, the depth charging faecal missile bideting Brown’s anus with splash back.

The press sullied lawyer then checked to bowl, tears of relief smattering his handsome eyes, to sight the massive object but alas the brown bomb had made it through the S-bend from the sheer kinetic force of its delivery.


  1. Now if only Ayrton Senna paid attention to the way high velocity objects handled S-bends.

  2. You sir are a bad, bad man.


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