Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Lift Etiquette

Look it may not be spelled out in some sort of snooty which knife do you use guide to morons but there are definite behaviour rules about lift use (aka elevators for you rare Yanks visiting them thar here).

The big one is no farting, even if alone, because you entrap it in the lift.

The other one is this. If the lift doors have closed - and you're on the outside - you don't hit the button for 2-3 seconds so that lift can head up. You fucking wait. Otherwise if you do hit it you open the doors again.

Lately people have been breaking this rule. You think the journey has started then PING the doors open and some sheepish fuckwad slinks in mumbling 'orry as they do so because they fucking know they did the wrong thing.

Lift etiquette. Obey it.


  1. That is pretty rude... I honestly didn't know lift doors reopened like that if someone hit them after they'd closed... Sensible thing would be to design them so they stay closed unless opened from the inside.

  2. Except - and people do this even without the button - where the doors are closing they'd stick a limb in to stop it.


    And the sensors on the doors don't always work...

  3. There is always the stairs

    Unless you are on the 37th floor or something.

    Then again the unspeakable things people do in stairwells...


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