Wednesday, April 09, 2008


No, not the Stevenson novel. But real life - as in me. But, not really.

Just got the late bus home. I was facing backward - which I hate - so at first I put the new scenery down to never having seen it in reverse. Then when we were driving in the countryside I knew something was up.

I was terrified I'd caught the wrong bus and checked my ticket. No, normal bus number printed. I scanned the passengers for usual faces and recognised a couple. So definitely the right bus. No one else seemed worried either.

So ... was it a kidnap plot? I thought seriously about crotching my phone in case it was and I could call for help later - except in this day and age a kidnapper would have to assume phone possession and would make us nud up. It wasn't until we were back on the highway that I dismissed the kidnap! plot from my mind.

Turns out it was an accident that the bus was bypassing.

Anyway, freaked me out a little.


  1. Would have freaked me out too- when I'm travelling I need everything to be the same every time, so I know every stop etc... but then on one occasion a couple of weeks ago I had a sort of blackout two stops before mine and only a stop or two after mine realised that I'd somehow missed my stop and couldn't remember anything between two stops before mine and 'now', so I guess my paranoia about staying alert and knowing what's going on is perfectly justified!

    Did the bus driver not tell you what was going on?

  2. I was all keyed up to ask him during the trip into the countryside but I was terrified of looking like a twat. But I did ask him as I got off.

    I looked around the bus trying to catch the eye of people in a WTF? expression kind of way but ... nothing!


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