Thursday, April 10, 2008


Tomorrow I get my ear operation. Whoopie. Worst thing is that I have to be at the hospital at near sparrows. Why so early? I don't know. But it's just icing on a shit cake.

Still by midday tomorrow I should be home. And I got Monday off in case I still have the ouchies so that's something.

But I am tempted to stay up all night... except I have to fast shortly.

Anyway, wish me luck. I met one of the docs today. Lovely bloke. Looked just like Michael Costa. Only far nicer (I expect). Had a free ranging chat where it ended with tales of people waking up on the operating table.



  1. Yeah good luck, I hope it all goes well and you don't wind up in agonising pain... or any pain for that matter. I hope it goes supremely well and you get to have the whole weekend plus monday off in comfort :)

  2. I get to have pandadol if the pain is mild and Endone if it is not.

    Weee. Endone. Not Oxynorm though. That stuff was the shizzle.

  3. You will be out of the op by now, but I hope all went well. Good luck with recovery!


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