Friday, April 25, 2008


Have you ever been so upset that midway through a torrent of tears you start cackling because of just how fucked in the head things are? Especially when twinned with the realisation you have been a complete smegwit about something to the point that you were likely suffering an actual delusion?

Or is that just me?

That fully makes me sound like a nut bar. However it is very cathartic. Crylaughing, not nut bars. Though a nice nutty chocolate is always a happy distraction from life's ills.


  1. Yes! I also yawn. It's like I'm bored with my own emotions.

    Hope you're feeling OK though. Not too sad.

  2. Gold. Stupid emotions! Wish there was a pill matrix style so you can forget some of the life horrids.

  3. Would be nice.

    Of course, you could pretend an M&M (an M?) is one. Or tictac.


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