Monday, April 28, 2008

Area joke falls flat

I went to the local shops to get butter. As is the way with things I also bought two ice-creams and a bottle of Riccadona (for theWife). I mentioned BB was on to the 12 something clerk and then I went on a rant about what a twat Sandilands was.

At one point I suggested I'd be more likely to watch BB if John Howard was hosting. Then I started doing a Howard impression. 'Er ah um er now we'll cut to the house.'

Cough ... coughcough.

She laughed in that polite 'you're a dick' kind of way the kids do when an adult tries to crack a funny.

I guess it's true. When you become a dad your jokes become shithouse.

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  1. "Pull my finger!" is about the height of sophistication for you now.


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