Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sex worker sibling creates logical paradox, destroys robot

Sydney, NSW; Area sex worker, Justin 'Nine Inches, Cut' Johansen, today destroyed budding artificially intelligent self mobile computer AISMC-09#a when Johansen reveled in conversation to the unit that he was the creator's brother and that he was a prostitute.

'You know what they say,' added Johansen when his brother stepped out for a moment to work on some tricky calculus. 'Bros before hos'.

Because Johansen was both a "bro" and a "ho", the AISMC-09#a could not place either before the other, causing the robot to become trapped in a paradox loop which resulted in its head spinning at hundreds of revolutions a minute before exploding in a fiery shower.

Naturally this incensed Johansen's brother David, who holds three PhDs in various robotics related fields, who then set upon his whoring brother with one of AISMC-09#a's arms.

As irony would have it this is not the first Artificially Intelligent Self Mobile Computer Johansen has accidentally destroyed through paradoxical generated means. Number 07#b fell victim to a throwaway line from Johansen about 'whether God could create a rock so big not even he could lift it'. Similarly 03#1 was taken out of commission after David's command to seek out a hidden book of matches in order to test it's sensor capacity was "augmented" by a cheerfully added addendum from his brother who then informed the robot of the Zen riddle of '
When you seek it, you cannot find it', rendering 03#1 completely inert and unable to be rebooted.


  1. Hilarious.

    Wonder if Johansen is the cause of my computer meltdown last night...

  2. Lol! I dunno how you come up with these things, but they are invariably hilarious :)

  3. I was watching terminator TV and I wondered how it would cope with bros before hos as a concept.


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