Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I hate skinnynistas

Skinnynistas are those slim, svelte people that look at us chubbos and can barely disguise their loathing for us. That we are walking flabby failures for having stacked on the pounds because we lack mental endurance. For you see we just can't pass up those delish danish's, friend foods, and fat soaked treats. And also we're lazy cunts that don't walk enough.

Damn you fatties! Damn you to hell! You deserve ute bound fucksticks conflating your obesity with the most fun organ in any of the two sexes' bodies.

One such Skinnynista is a slim attractive columnist for a major daily. Whilst cafe dining today I happened upon her column from early February where she was moaning about the fatties and how airlines weren't allowed to make super fatties buy two tickets for their seats. She whined about how disabled people should be allowed to not be forced to have two seats because they're disability is such that they have no choice but that if you're super fat then sucked shit fatty cough the fuck up.

If you're so big that you need to buy two seats then you have a medical issue. And yes while the columnist archly mentions there is a sliver of fatdom that cannot help their size (and thus I presume would not be punished with the twin tickets), by and large her argument still is your fattiness is a lack of exercise and simple willpower therefore cough up fatty - no excuses.

But again I say this. If you're so big you need two seats you have a medical issue. Chances are its mental illness.

Here's the thing. Fat people don't like being fat. We are, as the columnist demonstrates with her skinnynista column, the last of those that can be mocked - despite the fact that people in the west (which the columnist herself notes) are on average overweight. But overweight we may be we can by and large fit in an airline seat, even though said seats are not designed for comfort for the average person but slivered down to max out capacity.

The super fat do not choose to be fat. They are fat through either a physical issue (lightly touched on by Ms skinny) or a mental issue or both. No one, no one plans to end up super fat. It's not a fucking lifestyle choice. It's a life long curse.

Furthermore we live in a time poor, nutrition damaged society. Our media are filled not with images of healthy eating but of ironically skinnynistas scoffing down pizza etc in a haze of 'later we're all going to fuck' imagery. Western society, geared towards comfort in our living, activity, and eating promotes weight gain. Sure it's up to all of us to battle the many things weighing against us and stay trim for the country and health resources, but it's difficult.

For some of us, like the super fat who need two seats, it's reached a medical crisis issue. Super fat are disabled. Physically and mentally. And there's not a single fat person in the world that is happy about being that way.

Skinnynistas can only sneer. People like siad columnist haven't got a fucking clue what it's like to be heavy, especially for all of your young adult+ life. They don't know what it's like to be looked at as shit and not be sexually attractive to those they want to be attracted to them. They have no idea what a vicious cycle of crash dieting and manic exercise does to the mind and body. There's a reason why people put on more than they lost after manic weight loss programs after-all.

We are designed by evolution to put on weight and store it against times of lean. We've had reasonable access to food for what 70 odd years? And news fucking flash, those societies with access to reliable and cheap food put on weight. And skinnynistas become therefore the epitome of the sexual ideal - as evidenced by the fact that poor people are more likely to be fat than rich people in the west.

So Skinnynistas. Cram your skinnynista 'super fat are not disabled' up your tiny orifices. Until you've lived the life of a fatty you have no fucking clue whatsoever what they go through and the mental and physical crap they endure for being that way. Being super fat is a disability. Anyone that says otherwise has never, ever been fat.

UPDATE: I removed the columnist's name because I don't want her to have the satisfaction of getting hits out of it.


  1. Brilliantly said (ranted?).

    Let's not start with the verbal abuse received from random members of the public - including children whose parents don't tell them that what they are saying is cruel.

  2. Most have the decency to look embarrassed when it does happen. But the ones who are not are fuckers.

  3. I totally understand where you're coming from dude, and the last thing I want to do is hurt your feelings or start some kind of big argument or something - I don't disagree with what you say as such.

    My question, though, is where do you draw the line? When does being overweight cease being a disability, and become a personal responsibility?

    Is it ten kilos, twenty kilos? When you hit thirty is that when it becomes a disability and then back at twenty-nine?

    Is it only in certain situations, genetic, mental, physical that it becomes not a disability?

    I'm sure most people don't want to be super-fat. Most people don't want to be alchoholics, either, or any other kind of debilitating condition that results from mental illness, genetic disposition or a host of other factors.

    But can't obesity - overweightness in general - be both a personal responsibility, and a societal one? Does it have to be one or the other?

    The answer, as you correctly say, is not stigmatism. If people are fat, for whatever reason, it is neither our place to judge nor criticise.

    And at the same time, we can put pressure on the industries that make money off people's weaknesses and misery.

    I guess I'm saying, if you want to position it as a societal problem, that's fine. But, with gambling addicts, alcoholics and smokers, whilst we condemn the industries that thrive off them, and - rightly - treat the people with the sympathy they deserve, this doesn't abbrogate personal responsibility. Rather, it's a holistic thing. Booze companies do everything they can to get alcoholics to drink, sure, just as casinos promote gambling as much as they can.

    But, responsibility for breaking those habits lies with both the industries, and the victims themselves.

    What I wish is that unhealthy food was subject to the same restrictions/taxes/whatever that booze/gambling etc. are subject too. That money could be used on programs that work - and restriction of sale where appropriate.

    But, I don't think you can say that not wanting to be fat is the same as not being - in some small way at least - responsible for it, in all cases. I think those are two different things.

    Super-fat people - like skinny people, medium people, whatever - deserve respect first and foremost, and where appropriate sympathy, or rather empathy. And I think that means help, not "Throw Fattie off the train", if you know what I mean. So I agree with that. Hope this makes sense. And isn't fucked.

  4. There's a difference between someone who is overweight and someone who is monstrously overweight.

    Someone who needs two seats is clearly disabled - either physically, mentally, or both.

    That's my argument. She seems to think the super fat have largely bought it on themselves. That's bullshit.


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