Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ad whinge

Having a child with special needs must be very difficult. Extremely so. So this is not a dis against disabled people, or Tom, in any shape way or form.

But holy fucking shit I hate that Tom Terrific and his magic fucking cane ad. Not the subject matter - I've made that clear - just the inane piss boring mind dulling jingle that drones each time it comes on about TT and his MC.

You know what would have been nice? If they'd given TT big fuck off gold fish tank shoes, a leopard skin hat, and a fucking pimp cane with the jingle in the style of say Cyprus Hill. Now that be the shizzle.

I may even have given the charity money.

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  1. holy fucking shit mikey - that is too fucking funny!!!! and it's EXACTLY how i feel (minus the pimp cane) the groan each time it comes on isn't enough - the change of channel isn't enough because that fucking song is implanted in my brain... and that voice over guy is tooooo annoyingly smooth. Hooray for you!


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