Monday, February 25, 2008

Where HM says something dumb

I had to have a catscan today. Weeee. Fortunately I didn't have to go into the tube one. Just the big circle donut one. Suffice to say it wasn't comfortable. You can't move at all. Which is precisely when your nose starts sting-itching.

Anyway, for one series of photos I had to be on my stomach, my chin resting on foam. So naturally I said 'it looks like I'm about to be spit roasted'.

Except, in the language of the kids today, spit roasted has a whole other meaning...

Errrggghhhh ... I just looked at that wiki! That was unnecessarily graphic.


  1. That was decidedly hilarious.

    However, I bet you wouldn't be the first guy to pay to be spit roasted by a couple of professionals...

  2. Wrong on every level.

    Especially the bottom one.

  3. Did the person doing your catscan (radiographer? Who does catscans?) actually have to point that out to you?

  4. The not moving or the spit roasting being a dumb thing to say?

  5. Er the 'other meaning' of spit-roasting...


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