Sunday, February 24, 2008

Where HM realises he is a schmuck

I finally met my next door neighbour today when he came over and asked to borrow the mower. He's the one with the dogs and who had the rusting CRT monitor on the lawn.

I wrote our name all over the mower then took it around. He said he'd use it and be right back.

I have to admit I thought I'd have to go after it.

Nup, he came back the moment he finished with it. Furthermore he bought his whipper snipper - which he had volunteered by way of return - and kindly snippered my fence clear of grass.

What a nice guy.

So here I have been snidely slagging off my neighbours as some kind of car house e-bogans and couldn't be more wrong. He stayed for a long chat, outside the house for about an hour (he clearly loves to talk), a free ranging effort about his injuries (he's on disability), his wife, hobbies etc.

I feel much better for having met them and feel ashamed of myself for thinking stereotypical thoughts based solely on the front of his yard and the dogs that he keeps.

BBQ next weekend apparently and we're invited. Will probably go.


  1. Good to hear, mate. Tis easy to fall into the pattern of assuming the worst.

  2. It's always nice to have good neighbours. Glad you seem to have struck it lucky with yours :)


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