Friday, February 15, 2008


It's no surprise that hetro guys, and indeed I'd say those that prefer women, enjoy GOG action (aka Girl on Girl). What is it exactly that does it for us? I don't know. Maybe it's the whole being potentially invited in and not having to see another man's schram.

Anyhoo, GOG can be further distilled to twin on twin action. Like we all want the Veronicas to be like.

Anyway, it got me to wondering. To those out there that enjoy the man scene, is the idea of sculpted twin beefcakes going each other hot or not?

Me? I just threw up in my mouth a little even contemplating it, though I fully believe in their right to incestuous same sex for men. But I'm curious if the twin tastes cross the erotic boundaries from XY to XX?


  1. Two guys going at it - absolutely. But twins, never. No matter the gender.

  2. But ... the veronicas!

  3. *shudder*

    I guess I just can't get past the fact that they're related.

    You do realise you have an obsession with the Veronicas which is starting to border on sad, right? I'm just saying...

  4. Yeah Mikey, that's just gross.

    And any kind of sibling sex is gross. As a genre, there's plenty of twin sex available in gay porn, but that's just really, really icky, whether it's real or just two people pretending to be twins. Ew.

  5. Anonymous1:01 AM

    What Mikey needs is a bit of aversion therapy....

    Wonder Twin Powers - ACTIVATE!

  6. But if it's girls it's okay right?


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