Thursday, February 21, 2008


Last night, after the Fred Shipman doco I think, there was an infomercial on Biomagnetics - the bed laced magnet system that is allegedly the equiv of getting a deep tissue massage every night.

They had unpaid testimonials of the product users on the ad.

So it got me to thinking. Are there products out there that you love so much that you would give an unpaid testimonial for?


Diet coke (preferences are glass bottle then cans; not plastic bottles) and Green Lid Dare Iced Coffee. I'd spruik for them in a second. Even though my Drs have repeatedly told me to give up the former.

Reminds me of those old cig commercials that actually had doctors spruiking their favourite brand of cigs.

How the fuck they got away with that is beyond me. Oh wait, that's why - because back then it was an unfettered free market. I guess that's why the Vic young libs want the ban on smoking ads to be lifted - not because they think smoking is not unhealthy but because it's a nail in the coffin of the sacred and holy free market.

Boo regulations that stifle entrepreneurs, boo.


  1. Ironic punishments really need to come into vogue I think. For any surviving doctors that endorsed smoking camels on TV, or actually smoked camels on TV, I have a suggestion.

    They, along with a camel, be taken to Brazil to be filmed by a suitably disreputable cinematographer. Let them smoke that camel on film.

  2. i too would like restrictions on free markets lifted. then i could start a company offering insurance to young liberals against being thrown to the ground, beaten with a shopping trolley handle and having their wallets stolen by unknown assailants. assailants who have been known to appear sometimes *minutes* after a hapless young liberal has refused to purchase our fine insurance product. smell that? that's pure capitalism...

  3. Hired Goons!

    beaten with a shopping trolley handle

    Bastard! You made me splurt


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