Monday, February 25, 2008

Take that world!

Thus far I have managed to have only supporting actress ruined for me, courtesy of the fucking ABC news radio I had in my car. I have been sans news now since about 2.15 pm which is the longest I have gone without a news dose since I got broadband.

This will not be ruined for me.

Though I couldn't give a shit if I didn't like the host, who I believe is the delightful Jon Stewart again.

Bring on the red carpet!

Of course that statement could equally be applied to the annual ginge minge awards which are being held concurrently.

Fuck me that was a funny thing to say. You see, that's what I do. I sit on the intertubes thinking of funny shit.

hahahahahah - fuck ya's*

UPDATE: Fucking Richard "Don't you know who I am" Wilkins is on my fucking TV polluting it with his Dorian Gray esq unaging. Will you please fuck off and age you complete waste of organs?!

UPDATE 2: He is embarrassing Australia with his celeb interview crapness. Also Cameron Diaz laughs like Dr Evil.

UPDATE 3: John Travolta has short hair. Wilkins' question/statement? 'You've had a haircut.' Fucking hell why is this man still gainfully employed? A lobotomized ape creature of the Indus could do a better job.

*Channeling Rodney Rude - who may well be the chosen comedian of panel van driving mullet clad bogans but he's still a funny, funny man.


  1. You're actually watching the Oscars? Why are you torturing yourself?

  2. I managed to avoid everything except Best Picture and then while watching DirtySexyMoney they had on the news highlight about whether or not Cate Blanchett won. That annoyed me.

    We taped it but I'm not sure when it will be watched.

  3. Also, as a red-head, really appreciating the "Ginge Minge" Awards. It's about time we were recognised!

  4. A ginge!

    (Adjusts mental picture with cascades of loose curly red hair)

  5. Mikey, liking Jon Stewart is just a lame excuse to maintain some cred :P After all, you wouldn't care if the supporting actress was 'ruined' (lol!) for you if you were only in it for Jon... Come on, what are you in it for? The fashion? The teary acceptance speeches?

    And MB... not you too? Taping it?

    The world's gone mad!

  6. Mikey, you should know that I have red hair! I demand you go back and read every. Single. Post. Now.

    Sarah - Normally I don't watch it but Gemineye decided to tape it so we could watch Desperate Housewives (him) and DirtySexyMoney (both of us). I avoided it because I figured I may end up watching it so best to be as surprised as I can. Although, unless he chucks it in the player when I'm around, I won't be seeking it out to watch.

  7. I totally did not remember reading you had red hair! Me feel stupid.

  8. Just think of how you have deprived yourself in said mental image.


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