Monday, February 11, 2008

Shit shy

I was busting to go but when I went into the bathroom I saw the beardy uber boss going into one stall on the end. So I had to have one stall buffer to that. Trouble was that the other end stall was used too. When I went in I noticed that the other stall user was going the wide stance, Larry Craig style. I can't be pooping if I am seeing another user's shoe coming past the demarcation line.

So I left and went back later.

I am a fecal wimp.


  1. I completely know what you mean. The conditions have to be right, you know.

    Reading your blog it comes as no surprise to me that you are from Canberra. What is it about Canberra that creates these uniquely hmm, how shall I put it.. unusual people? ;) Is it the high speed limits? Is it the cold? Is it the proximity to so many politicians? The manmade lake? The high chances of hitting a roo in your vehicle? The driving in circles? Summernats and the smell of burning rubber? :) Too many museums? Telstra Tower?

    The last time I went to Telstra tower, they didn't have any snow globes. What's up with that? I really wanted one. :)

    One of my fellow moderators at the Aussie Bloggers Forums will love your blog - it's very similar to his! ;)

    So while I'm here, a few of us Aussie Bloggers got together and opened the Aussie Bloggers forum so I thought I'd post this quick comment to invite you along. It is a place for Aussie Bloggers to connect with each other, promote their blogs among fellow Aussies, learn more about blogging in general, and get help with blog troubleshooting when necessary from helpful Aussies. The forums can be found here - Aussie Bloggers Forum - If you'd like to join us, we'd love to see you there.

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  2. Sounds kewl, will do!

  3. Hehe I know what you mean- I think I get that whenever I travel or go to another person's house... sometimes when travelling I won't be able to go for several days!

    As for the wide stance thing, how does a person manage to have their foot poke through under another person's stall? Unless men's stalls are really narrow, that sounds like a physically really awkward thing to do...

  4. I can't deal with going while someone else is in the bathroom, so its lucky that we have a small office with unwritten rules about leaving if there's someone already in the bathroom...

  5. Oh, man, public access toilets. People encroaching on your cubicle is the dumps... Pardon the pun.
    It's slightly more scary though when you're the only one in the toilet and someone sits in the stall right beside you and proceeds to breather heavily through their nose.
    I respect you for doing your best to acknowledge the 'one stall buffer' rule.


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