Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Post brief worries

Today I stepped in at work to give a brief to new starters about basic admin stuff. Normally a subject matter expert gives it. So to that effect where the notes said 'offer to take questions' I said I wouldn't.

The brief went well. I wasn't that nervous - though I confess to having practiced in the shower the last couple of nights (though getting the powerpoint slides in was a bitch) - and even managed to throw in a few jokes that weren't painful dad/Christmas cracker groaners.

Although I did ad-lib a few times and went off message.

Now, like post interview, I am having cringy flashbacks to what I said as being perhaps incredibly inappropriate. No one came up to me afterwards and said 'um ... that was a tad dodgy' however. Most said it was good.

Anyway, there was this bit about security stuff - to whit don't leave a key in a cabinet when you're not going to be at your desk cause people may take a look at your stuff. It was at that point I remembered that I had left a key in my cabinet. So naturally I told the entire audience.

Good one fuckstick.

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  1. Well... on the bright side it makes you human. And a target for snoops and/or thieves... but very human!


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