Thursday, February 21, 2008

An open letter

Dear ute driver,

I am so sorry that I was in your lane forcing you to tail gate me. I am glad you managed to weave past me in the end thus saving valuable seconds on your journey. I also hope that the experience of weaving gave you a chub thus making you more attractive to the ladies in the manner that a stripper does when he gets a semi and puts on a cock ring before a show thus to appear marginally larger.

I am sure of course you don't need to since by driving a ute in the city you are automatically a massive cock anyway.




  1. That's what gets me- all these idiots achieve, for all their life-endangering antics, is a few seconds shaved off their journey. Tools.

  2. But they do increase their cock size by doing so.

  3. Oh totally. But what's the difference between one millimetre and one and a half millimetres? You'd still need tweezers to find it.


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