Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More toilet talk

Yesterday it was bucketing down at work. During this somewhat intense storm I went to the toilet. I was using a stall.

Someone at a urinal broke into "Singing in the Rain". Absolutely belted it out, the song echoing off the tiles.

While he was urinating.

That's some odd urinating side activity.


  1. There's lots of talk about toilets on your blog HM.

    I have never been to a website with so much wee & poo etc ... oh yes I have, AWH.

    Did you know many Japanese women constantly flush to hide their piddling. I read years ago that some company installs 'auto flushing simulators' (I completely made up that name). They play a recording of a flushing toilet every x number of seconds to stop the women from flushing so much.

    That's my totty talk contribution.

  2. It's a fair cop.

    I heard they played heavy surf guitar in bathrooms because people kept turning the taps on full to drown out plop sound.


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