Thursday, February 14, 2008

More righty goodness

Laura Ingraham is a radio host in the states. She's your typical cookie-cutter righty who beats her chest about the elite liberals, family values and so forth.

When she was starting out as a proto-righty she was apparently the editor of The Prospect, a magazine put out by the Concerned Alumni of Princeton.

So I followed the link. Apparently the organisation was set up by misogynists to prevent the numbers of women attending their manly halls from rising.

Interesting isn't it? That a woman worked for an organisation that saw women as lesser. It reminds me of that other psycho blondie ratbag on the right, Anne Coulter, who famously said that giving the women the vote was bad for America (the inference being that they tended to vote Democrat).

How are these people reaching such conclusions? What happened in their lives for them to think these things?

Was it the money? Is it fear? Ignorance? Combo?

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