Saturday, February 23, 2008

Michael Bay should be put on trial for crimes against humanity

I just noticed this in the wiki for The Island in the trivia section.

Scarlett Johansson wanted to go nude during the sex scene between her character and Ewan McGregor's. Director Michael Bay decided against it, thus Scarlett is shown wearing a bra during the scene.

Fuck you Michael Bay. I don't give a flying fuck that you have slow mo shot choppers at sunset in almost every film you have ever made, or the fact you cram your MiseEnScene with an unbelievable amount of product placement, but to deny the world a nudie SJ is just evil.

Pardon my French, but you're an asshole!

PS Apologies to the ladies for such a stereotypical male response. In my defence I am male.

PPS Speaking of


  1. No apologies necessary- I agreed with Scarlett Johansson's reason for not wanting to wear a bra in the scene... i.e. who the hell actually leaves their bra on to have sex? Hollywood is so ridiculous. And Bay's decision was purely so he could get a more kiddie-appropriate rating and haul in more $$$.

  2. Really? The extreme violence wasn't the turn off but a pair of well formed boobies was?

    Fucking hell the yanks morality is twisted.

    It's like when Ron Howard had the corpse in the Da Vinci code have a big light blurring out the cock.

  3. Yep, utterly lame.

    And on the SBS doco 'Queer as Old Folk' last night, we got to see a guy completely naked, cock included, but the same guy's cock was later blurred out in another part of the doco because he had a semi (he had a rubber band around it because he's a stripper and they have to be fluffed up or the audience boos, apparently!). Bloody ridiculous.


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