Sunday, February 10, 2008

McMansion fucksticks

I just saw an ad for a house design firm which has a pair of house proud fucksticks taking the camera on a tour of their massively over-sized presumably energy hungry house that has a bunch of barely used specific rooms, like the after 7.30 pm lounge.

In an era of housing pressures because the supply of basic functional well sited housing is drying up because in part of all the energy expended on McMansion building, these people are actually proud of the monstrosity they dwell within.

Which reminds me. I saw a Hummer ad today for Canberra. Yes the ultimate penis car has arrived in the nation's capital. Because that's what we need on our roads. Giant cars the rest of us can't see through.

DISCLAIMER: My brother drives a hummer. He is a bad man.


  1. Now this is why I read the HarrangueMan! Tee fucken hee.

    BTW, I have respect for your list of books what says Julian May and Gabriel Marcia Marquez. If I had one, mine would say Steven Erikson and Eduardo Galeano. Same same, but different.

  2. Hummers. Well, anyone who's happy to have me make the international sign for the wanker or the international sign for tiny penis as they drive past me should be happy to drive a Hummer, because I do that every time without fail.

    I hope you take the piss out of your brother until he can't stand the shame any more and swaps the damn thing for a sensible, fuel-efficient car- it's your duty!

  3. He lives in a country where petrol is like $0.30 a litre. It costs less to fill up his than it does mine :(

  4. From what I've heard from TAMS about the majority of Canberra drivers, surely this is like waving a red flag at a bull?

  5. It's not the cost thing though, it's the wank-factor and the wanton disregard for the environment...


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