Friday, February 22, 2008

I guess you had to be there

Tonight the subject of 80's TV came up. There used to be a show on the ABC, a BBC import I believe, called Metal Mickey. Which was about a giant robot that came to life when it ate atomic cheezles or something. Only when I mentioned it I got confused and said Proton Energy pills. This error was quickly pointed out since PPEP's are from Roger Ramjet, also an shown in the 80's ABC TV product.

To which I responded 'I seem to have conflated the magic pills of our childhood.'

I put money down I am the first person alive to have said those words in that order.


BTW Was Ramjet using performance enhancing drugs? What kind of message is that for the kids?

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  1. Metal Mickey rocked. So did Supergran. And The Ratties. And Bananaman.

    Roger Ramjet - definitely a candidate for rehab.


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