Friday, February 29, 2008

Dodged a bullet

When a new boss+ comes into an area they like to stamp their presence across it. One way is moving people out of jobs and into other jobs and so forth.

W is a big lovely bloke. Unfortunately for him he lacks a killer instinct so his rank is lower than the average for his means of entry into the org. Which makes him vulnerable to stamping themed moves.

So today he got moved. He was clearly pissed off about it and fair enough since he'd had no input whatsoever.

I was going to have a staffing meeting today with the boss so I bought it forward to attend an off site meeting. Knowing W had been moved I feared the worst.

But no, I simply report to the next layer down (so boss-) from now on and have been given some extra work to do.

So I really dodged a bullet esp since as a specialist skill type the type of report writing I do is often greatly undervalued as bosses struggle to see why they are produced. There's a process of I guess re-educating them when they come in to justify why you exist.

Somehow boss did that on my behalf and I live to fight another day. W doesn't. He goes from a job he enjoyed, and working with people he liked, to a job he probably won't and people he doesn't know. I wish him all the best and hope that his job seeking elsewhere bears fruits.

Unfortunately his going means a chunk of work he did for me comes back to me. Which will suck.

Anyway I have survivor's guilt. You know, you're happy for yourself and feel bad for feeling happy when others did not get to be so happy.

I hate work re-orgs. Especially the stampy kind. Still probably should have known it was coming given Boss+ said 'duty statements are worthless' and 'I can move anyone anywhere whenever I want and they can just do new work' even though such arbitrary movement A) pissed people off and B) they typically walk and take all their knowledge with them.

But as long as that new authority has been stamped on the area then well no problem.


  1. That's awful. And by undermining staff morale like that they'll undermine productivity. Morons.

  2. And such a totally PS behaviour.

    Former GM decided that we didn't need a section as it didn't offer any kind of value to the branch. It was disbanded. Much to the distress of THE CUSTOMERS. Funnily enough, two GMs later, the section is back AND expanding.


    And the GM that disbanded it? Went back to Melbourne after about 18 months in the role.


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