Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Over at Mr L's place... featuring his special righty guest star RA...

Mick, you can fire the majority of the public service excepting police and military and we wouldn't feel a thing. Honest.

It actually happend in the US in the 90's. Congress was fighting with Clinton so they had to close the government save a few departments. There was concern in the administration that if it went too long, people would begin to realize just how unnecessary big government was and how their lives were little affected by the closing.

I say we try it for 6 months, only as a test run and see if the public likes it. What do you say....?

We can always hire them back as they're not exactly going anywhere fast.

Great stuff. Normally it takes chemicals to become this deluded.


  1. Hmmm.


    Yes, that person is fit to lead the Liberal party.

  2. No no, he explained it. You see you privatise all those functions.

  3. Well, he got 1 week on the bench today. Now that's a free market at work!

    You're thoughts? (I won't ban if you get too carried away)

    Oh, not my blog. Carry on...


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