Thursday, February 21, 2008

Area russian babe undermines ad with silly hat

Crap mobile phone ad that pollutes my TV, Russia; Late night slavic sirens today lashed out at team member Anka for undermining the sexiness of their ad by her wearing a stupid hat.

'Vat is this hat you are wearink?' said Tatania of Anka, whose choice of head gear was a soft brown velvet number with what appeared to be felt moose horns hanging off it. 'Is not sexy, is stupid.'

The ladies, who are featured in various sexy group poses where they idly fondle each other whilst clad in bikinis, said that Anka's hat was an affront and mockery of their idly fondling each other whilst clad in bikinis industry.

'Please, her hat is so ridiculous,' said Natasha. 'With it's floppy horns hanging down. Man wants to watch our bottoms and our boobies. Not silly hat with floppy horns. What if hat remind them of flaccid schram? Then where will we be? $4.95 a minute less rich that's where.'

Anka defended her hat saying it highlighted her large 'doe eyes'.

'I do sexy head wiggle with my big eyes staring at screen. Man lose self in eyes. Hat merely direction indicator with points of horns providing inverted triangle centred on face with eyes at centre of said geometrical formation. Is both sexy and is fun. He then more want to come in to room where we are and idly fondle us as we fondle each other.'

'... whilst wearing bikinis,' she added unnecessarily.

'They is merely jealous of my fabulous deer like pupils and my eye accentuating head wear.'

The other girls have threatened to morph their fondling to fighting at the next shoot if the floppy horn hat makes a future appearance, a threat the crew has taken seriously.

'These women are artists. We will of course take their sexy suggestions on board and see if we can help them work out their differences,' said Director Ivon Dasredich.

Dasredich was later heard telling Anka to both wear the hat and also to 'please be extra greased for lenses ... yes, the lenses.'

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