Monday, February 25, 2008

Area man has bad dream—but gets revenge

Last night I had an evil clown dream. Like Pennywise breaking through my bedroom window and hissing at me before attempting to grab me.

Needless to say as far as night terrors go the evil clown smashing through the very window that you sleep next to would have to be up there in the top ten(after carnies).

However in this dream that's not where I woke up. Instead I was still in my room and the moment Pennywise-esque the clown fronted in my window I then twatted him with a big fuck off glass in a sock.

PW then piss bolted. I took the opportunity to chase after him, hop in my car, then drive around looking for the fucker, waving my now broken glass in a sock cosh out the window as I drove the streets one handed. I then saw him down a road, turned, and followed him into a car park where I proceeded to run him down. I think, if I remember correctly, I then got out of the car and repeatedly and with much pleasure lacerated the fuck out of his evil white painted features with the glass sock cosh as he moaned piteously.

Take that you red nosed c*nt.

PS Above image created using Photoshop, with a double layered broken window image, claws from the movie poster, and the PW image I think from a still. Thank you Google image search


  1. Whoa... I did an evil clown post yesterday. I think it may have awakened Pennywise. Glad you sorted him out though.
    Dreams rock for that kind of thing.

  2. Clowns freak me out. Which is why I own It on DVD. Good Halloween viewing.

  3. You torture yourself!

    I have never seen it. On a scary scale of 1-10 what do you give it?


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