Sunday, February 17, 2008

Area man conceals suggestion for sex beneath mashup of Irishcockney

Canberra, Australia: Area Man, Todd Sanden, tonight concealed a sex suggestion under a comedic brogue to one Meredith Hapsley, a long time female friend and last non flatmate up at a party's conclusion.

When asked by Meredith, a slender dark haired woman that Todd repeatedly used as wank fuel, 'what you going to do now?' by way of easing into the whole 'better take off' conversation Todd responded with the mashup.

'Well young missy, we could be makin' the sweet sweet love,' said Todd in a terrible near falsetto Leprechaun lite style accent.

'Apples and pears,' he added after a moment's hesitation, in tortured Cockney.

Meredith's response was merely to laugh at the jest and then launched into 'well it's late so I had better take off.'

'Neither of us was drunk enough to just lean in and go the pash and see what happened,' said Todd after Meredith left. 'But I wasn't emotionally strong enough to simply come out and just say baby I dig you the most. Because I am a whiny fucking coward who has no right to live on this earth.'

Todd said that by adopting the vague hint of UKness and camouflaging the desire for intercourse with Meredith he'd potentially laid the ground work for a future attempt. However unfortunately for Todd this possibility had already been unknowingly wiped out as in a previous forgotten drunken encounter with Meredith he had confessed his fancy to her then promptly vomited on her pants.

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