Thursday, February 14, 2008

Area knight undermines rescue with trolley

Fantastica, the kingdoms; Area knight Sir Loin undermined a maiden's rescue today with use of a trolley in which he placed the recovered damsel, onlookers saying that it really spoiled the atmos of a good old fashioned princess carrying.

'When the knight has vanquished the foe and emerges victorious from the den of the evil one the princess should be held in his arms, not towed behind him in a trolley,' said local peasant Denis.

Sir Loin said that he'd recently done his back when trying to take off a metal plated boot and his chiro said to take it easy on the heavy lifting for a while.

'Look I'm already pushing the healing friendship by clanking around in the armour,' said the knight. 'So I'm hardly going to add another 105 to 120 lbs for a maiden am I? This way she gets rescued from the evil and I preserve my back. It's win, win.'

When asked why the princess couldn't simply walk out under her own steam the knight said that in his experience maidens were often mobility imparied, whether by a surprisingly common ankle injury, comatose state that is only recovered from outside the evil den, weight of excessive hair, or in one case twin club feet. So being prepared with a shopping trolley was simply good knightly sense.

However this did not explain the traffic cone.


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