Sunday, February 10, 2008

Area blogger demands to be blocked by Iran

I was doing some light googling and found that the mad mullahs of Iran (ho ho, see how I used alliteration - I rule) have approved HM as being fit for consumption of the internet capable.

See here.

But I discuss the following; poos, wee-wees, sperm, wanking, s3x, porn, my hatred of fundy politics, and so forth and so on. Oh and I heartedly disagree with the Iranian policy of killing women in the name of religion and stringing them up publicly from construction cranes.

What has a dude got to do to be blocked by a regime for fucks sake?

Block me! So I have the cachet of the Iranian blocked. Of course that just sounds like I got constipated in Tehran but still.

Block me tiny president! I found your declaration that there are no homosexuals in Iran to be hilariously deluded. The irony is that were you gay I'm sure your small size and exotic brown good looks / shaving ken style facial hair would make you an attractive niche market all your own. Aren't beardies called hair bears or something? Like a care bear ... only with a more active anus.


  1. You're disappointed!? I don't even get a mention!

    I mention fucking, masturbation, BDSM, homos, porn, fundies, feminism, vaginas. Where's my banning!!!!!???????

  2. Exactly. We need an e-petition!


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