Tuesday, February 12, 2008

And so it goes

Today I had my first sit down with boss+.

It did not go well.

Previous efforts to date had no praise and 'things can be done better' was launched straight into. Meeting ended with boss+ demanding full list of report items so they could determine what would go into final report instead of me, the person that's done it for the last five years. I had to go through the entire list and spell out why including the item was needed.

I have never had a micro-manager boss before and I have one now.

Turns out, being micro-managed shits me. Boss+ wouldn't know where to begin to fucking do my job yet there they were telling me how I was doing it wrong and intimating they knew best.

Management. They think they're good but they're not.



  1. Ergh... and that's not going to be a one-off episode, either, unless he wakes up to himself or gets lazy...

  2. Yeah boss said that this level of interference should taper off. But I will believe it when it happens.

  3. Some people respond well to micro-managing, some don't. I'm with you on it not. Nothing shits me more than that.


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