Friday, February 15, 2008

And as Christmas elves!

The Australian Organisation for the Prevention of Groinal Cruelty have repeated their demands that The Veronicas just do it, adding that when they do do "it" at long last that it is done so whilst wearing Christmas elf hats.

Left: Artist's impression

'For far too long these sisters have teased us with the potentiality of downstairs there activity between them,' said spokesman Clinton Funt. 'So as added punishment they should dress up as sexy elves and demand any watching male that he come and stuff their stockings.'

'And or stoke their chimney,' added Mr Funt, making an 'O' with his thumb and forefinger then gesticulating rapidly within the circle with his other forefinger. 'Because you just know that Christmas elves like these are clearly in the naughty part of Santa's book.'

'Obviously watching male is singular and should not include another dude because, well, if you swing that way fine, but if you don't, like me, you don't need anything confusing the issue.'

Mr Funt said the sisters should also include name tags in their elfy ensemble lest he say the wrong name when servicing one of the sisters while suggesting courses of action she may take in regards to her sibling and/or parts thereof.

'Because the last thing I'd want is to mentally fuzz on a name whilst enjoying fuzz action and scream out poke her, poke her then be handed an implement designed to assist in the re-arrangement of burning wood.'

Mr Funt added that there will be many disappointed users of google likely directed to this blog post and he suspected the average time on site counter will read 0:00.

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  1. Oh dear god.

    Funny though. Still disturbing, but funny.

    You are a sick, sick bastard. It's why we all love you.


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