Saturday, January 12, 2008

Turns out we live next door to e-bogans

How can we tell? Rusting on their lawn for the last week, face down, is an old CRT monitor.

On a side note their shed in the corner of the yard seems to be glowing courtesy of the use of a powerful light. Gee, what could be in there? Probably explains the fucking dog they have in the yard.


  1. Is the answer 'A light'?
    It must be cos the only other thing i could think of is 'hydro setup' and that's not allowed.
    Or wait... is it in Canberra?
    Forgive my ignorance, I've been out of the country too long...
    Maybe they're growing in old server racks?

  2. Nah, pretty sure Hydro got banned.

    You're not suggesting they're breaking the law are you?

    Server racks. Lol.

  3. They probably tried to take the monitor to Mugga Road Tip and got told it'd cost $25 extra so they've gone for the next best thing...the nature strip.


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