Friday, January 18, 2008

Impact movies

There are movies that resonate with you, often movies you watched as teens. Like Wayne's World, Ferris, Spinal Tap, or Reservoir Dogs. Movies you can quote line for line. For Cassmalo it's Pump Up the Volume.

This too was a resonator for me. I watched it with the pain of teen years still raw in my mind. Liked it so much I bought the sound track - which I foolishly lent out and never got back. One dude standing up against the shit, toil, and bubble the prison that is the school system can be.

The funny thing is when you go through angsty teen crap at school it can seem so utterly overwhelmingly awful and that there is no light at the end of it all. But there is. Cause once school is done you can choose who to associate with, what you do as a job or study, where to go and so forth.

Life begins when school is done. But you have to get through school to maximise your chances to pick and choose.

So to those of you at school remember this. Your sentence will end at some point. And though it makes no difference to read this other people are going through the same shit as you.

Or maybe it does.

Anyway, Pump Up the volume. Awesome movie. Watch it.

And here's a YT of Everybody Knows, the prime track of the movie. It's used as an anti Bush thing in this version. Which is fair enough.

Of course the irony of Pump up the Volume is that the kids did take to the air - e-air as in cyberspace. Trouble is a lot of them are Coreys.

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  1. PUTV rocks.

    I've not seen it for years but I bet that I still can quote it ("bigger than a baby's arm"). That and Heathers, Desperately Seeking Susan and Ferris.


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