Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Found 'em

I am a fat person. This has not been disguised. My parents, bless 'em frequently have visitors. They like to have delish little long lasting treats they can whip out for guests to have along side the twin standards of liquid guest provisions of tea and coffee.

Which is a fair cop.

Trouble is I like to eat, being fat. The main reason why I am fat. Which means my parents often discover their treats have been somewhat nobbled into by me during the night like a shoe maker elf that does not make shoes when the shoe maker is asleep and instead gobbles delish tuck.

So ... my dad hid the fruit mince pies. Which, again, is a fair call since I hoovered about 10 on Xmas day along with my brother and others. And when Dad had his bestie around, I ate another five for breakfast which concerned Dad so much he grabbed the tray of survivors, said 'you've had enough', then craddled the tray protectively until he could get them to his secret store.

On Xmas day I took a note of the construction of the tin the new batch of FMP was kept in and asked theWife to keep an eye out for it. Yesterday she found it, on top of the bookshelf in the study.

Since he went to the effort of hiding it we only took one each.

But ... should I leave a note?


  1. I think you should leave a note but with one word:


  2. Why ... did that appear twice?

  3. Because you both took one so you should both leave that note ergo, twice the evil.


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