Friday, December 07, 2007

Why the theory that an unfettered free market is the only way sucks arse hair

Salary of Prime Minister of Australia: $Approx 400k (minus allowances, housing etc)

Salary of Australian Soccer coach: $2.5 million


  1. But it's not *really* realistic to compare the PM's salary minus the allowances and housing. What would the rent on the Lodge and Kirribilli be??

    And that's without getting into the super, allowances, etc.

    But I agree with your main point, that politicians are in fact underpaid and sports people (or let's be honest, sportsmen) are over paid.

  2. I think it's approx double his salary to take into account the extras.

    I don't think pollies are underpaid given the competition to win jobs. I just think it's weird that the effective ruler of the country gets 1/3 what the national coach does of a sport.

  3. Soccer functions not so much as a sport but rather as a circus for the entertainment of hooligans. The main skill is acting, so it is not surprising that the players and coaches earn about the same as movie stars.

    Among the other side benefits for the successful politician is the sinecure that follows a lifetime of making bankers and businessmen wealthy. Ask Bob Carr for details of his brilliant career.

    Of course, if you want to be ruled by the richest people in town, live in Africa or Saudi Arabia or Cuba or North Korea.


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