Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Where HM goes out on the town

Well not really, but well sort of. My dad sings in a church choir. When we come to the home town us boys try and make it to the midnight service to see him perform. As kids we often went to the midnight xmas service anyway so it presses those nostalgia buttons.

Anyhoo, big bro and I went to the midnight service (theWife remaining back at my parent's place with the Noo). We elected to go an hour early so we could have a pub drink before hand. After seeing half the pubs were shut we eventually found one open and headed for the beer garden. On the drive into town I mentioned how I hoped I wouldn't see anyone from high school as really all I had to say was 'I am fatter and now I am balding'.

As luck would have it someone yelled out my name. Turned out it was two guys from high school. Have not seen them I think since I left nearly 17 years ago. Wow. 17 years. Holy shit that sounds like a long time.

And it did not suck. Heard what they were up to, where their life status was at, careers, kids, relationships - all of that. And shared my own with them. And surprisingly they did not appear to merely endure my presence which is how I basically felt my last years in high school.

Then off to the midnight service. Much like last year I avoided the prayers and instead looked up Revelations for the weirdness that sets forth in that chapter (my favourite bit - and there are many favourites - includes the section about how if anyone writes any more words or subtracts words from the bible that exists as is then plagues are coming their way - uh-oh for the Mormons). I sang some hymns, avoided communion, did the whole wishing my neighbour merry xmas etc. By and large it was pretty good. The sopranos are uniformly the reedy voiced CWA old dears, but well that's how it goes in the country. No hark the herald on the way out though which is a departure from the norm.

Ended up back at my brother's house and we had some drinks and chatted. Next thing you know it's 2.30 and I've drunk too much to drive so I walked back to my parents.

All in all a good night. Except I woke theWife up and she is rightly pissed off. I'm a little tipsy I admit which isn't great but well it's Xmas.

Last year on the way home some egg nog enhanced drunken yob Santa dude waved me down then belched 'Merry fucking Christmas' at me.

So in the spirit of that quintessential Aussie Xmas well wishing, merry fucking Xmas to you all.

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