Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Utterly confusing spam

I get these sort of emails now and then ... but ... what the fuck are they selling?

marvelous plover

confusion tug docile everyman ligature chandelier deft deft probate tug chandelier
deft pitchblende bingham marvelous confusion deft sal spacesuit
rainbow rainbow convect doomsday bingham probate ministerial blurt authentic
vestigial millinery plover woke
archer docile tapestry acrylate charon tapestry ligature woke shopkeep perennial
sal acrylate ligature prorate turnery tapestry
sarah contestant lying deft
deft bingham vestigial adjudicate rainbow ministerial

I'm not sure exactly but right now I could fully go a tall frosty glass of marvelous plover.

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  1. I'm in there!

    I've never owned a marvelous plover in my life, I swear!


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