Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Text to find how many boyfriends you have

Hey, want to know how many boyfriends you have? Text Boyfnumb and we'll send you a randomly generated sexy number. If you like girls and want to know how many girlfriends you have then text Girlfnumb and we will likewise send you a super sexy numeral that will temporarily boost your self esteem.

Costs $5 for initial message and $5 for each subsequent message. If you select this service, or indeed any of those other services such as love matches based again on a randomly generated high percentage number, then you are clearly a twat and should have your phone taken off you. That also goes for those fuckwits that respond to those 'help me out of the maze' or 'what shell is the bean under' and win $4000 text "game" shows. If you are such a person, you're likely the sort of person that who upon receiving a spam email offering you herbal remedies to increase the girth of your stonker, actually clicks on the link to find out more.


  1. This one is a spoof, right? It's so close to the real thing it's hard to tell.

    I guess things like those stupid mobile phone sms scam thingies explain why, after all these years, spammers are still spamming.

    You look at these things and think- "What moron would actually click on that?!".

    Well... in the case of the mobile phone spam the companies earn enough money to advertise on TV for more suckers/victims, and like you say, it's only people that dumb who would click on the links in spam.

    I don't think it's being harsh to call these people twats- it's probably one of the kinder things you could call them...

  2. I guess the generation coming behind us is the text generation and this apparently rings their bell.


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