Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Peter Garrett being attacked for not being a professional pollie

At the risk of sounding like Chris Crocker ...

Peter Garrett is a musician. He is an activist. He is a lawyer. He led a major organisation for many years. He became a Labor politician in 2004 and just got re-elected.

All through the recent campaign he was constantly attacked for one (1) off hand comment to a right wing fuck-knuckle who didn't even bother to declare his wife worked for a senior Liberal minister when he wanked himself white on air about it. Garrett also got attacked for an unclear answer to a question on Kyoto which got clarified that same day.

Smarmy political and media commentators blasted the absolute shit out him for, get this, his failure to act like a typical politician.

The whole point of Peter Garrett being in parliament is that he is not a typical politician. He is a man of principle in a party where those principles are tested at times. But he is there to make a difference. He is not there to give waffling non answers to direct questions. He is not there to mislead. He is not there to warm a seat then pop up with a Dorothy Dixer. He is not in other words a professional politician whose entire working life was spent up to his neck in the party, where he was apprenticed as a staffer to steadily more important people before being hoisted in on the strength of not conviction but connections.

So cut the man a fucking break and be fucking glad that someone like who who has passionately advocated for those without a mainstream voice has rolled up his sleeves and agreed to sacrifice a chunk of his life in a sometimes unforgiving system to make a difference.

And I don't see anyone of his caliber, his compassion, his service to others beyond himself on the other side of the house.

Peter Garrett, we're damn glad to have you. And don't let those shit heels in the media or in the house drag you down with their petty bullshit.

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