Monday, December 10, 2007

The perils of cat ownership

Don't you hate it when you hear them starting Operation Bring Up Furball and you have to grab them as they do that disgusting sick laced prevomit bellows heave, then find a patch of non carpet for them to bring it up before they do so?

Then there's the picking up the vomit sausage and clearing up the little puddles of pumpkin soup like stomach juice puddles afterwards.

I really hate that.


  1. Our cat has been working on Operation Eating the Christmas Tree.

    Consequently she keeps doing vomits full of pine needles.

    Stupid bloody animal.

  2. Well, we now have tiles, and don't have to worry so much. But Gam swears blind that the last time Feifei went to throw up he was on his 'cat tower', and he made the heaving noises, looked at the cat tower, thought "Oh no! I'm about to vomit on my precious tower!" and deliberately moved so he would vomit on our lounge instead of the tower...

  3. I don't move the cat , I try to shove newspaper underneath - solves the cleaning up too if you get there on on time....

  4. Newspaper! That's genius.


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