Sunday, December 30, 2007


The west has fucked Nauru. Yes, poor governance also likewise destroyed Nauru, as did some bad economic decisions. But at 13k people it's too small to stand on its own.

Back in the 70's then PM Fraser offered to import pop to Oz but they said no (can't find the reference however). But with climate change, their only resource gone, and the closure of the appalling Pacific solution centre of crapness, their economy is adios, and they are a magnet for dodgy bank deals anyway (as evidenced in the 90's when a huge chunk of aid money was filtered through it).

Perhaps the country should consider becoming a territory of Oz? They'd get access to welfare, social, and economic opportunities etc. That's what we should do. We should offer them to incorporate into Oz. Perhaps the same treatment as Norfolk island as far as administration goes.

Especially since the closure of the centre of unexcellence in refugee treatment is pulling a massive plank out from their economy.

I know it's a big ask for a culture and people to subsume themselves into a larger country, especially where history shows how badly it can go, but in all honesty this seems to be a good way ahead. And if this works then perhaps other micro nations of the pacific might ask for the same and the arc of instability in the region would be solved once and for all.

Another option would be to set a time limit on it, say 20 years, which would be enough time to arrange top notch education programs for islanders in admin and economics and establish good governance so by the time they are ready to go it alone once more they have the skill sets to do it.

Or perhaps I am talking out my arse. Anyway, something the Rudd government should consider. Indeed I'd hazard it would actually be cheaper doing this than the combination of aid money and intervention money when it goes to shit and we have to send in the ADF or AFP. That, and being incorporated into Oz allows their population to move within Oz and legit access work.


  1. that is a very good idea. except for one thing. the desire of people to fight for and stay on a piece of land increases in inverse proportion to the value of the land. see most of the middle east and afghanistan.

  2. ... good point ...

    Look at the Falklands too...


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