Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jumped up nasty little rent a cop gets a legal smack down

JULIA PHOTI had been buying baby clothes at Burwood's Target store when she was accused of stealing a packet of razors, dragged back into the store, punched, held and strip-searched before being allowed to leave.

She was never arrested or charged. Yesterday, she was awarded $85,000 compensation for her ordeal.

A security guard, Geoffrey Parker, who was not wearing a uniform and did not identify himself, had stopped her, yelling: "Give me back my razors … I saw you steal some razors … the cops will be here soon."

See the rest here.


  1. If I recall correctly, Julia Photi was a bit of a dodgy character. But then again, the actions of the security guard suggest that he was one too. Just because someone's been dodgy in the past doesn't mean their rights can be violated.

  2. Exactly. No due process followed. Justice's bedrock is the rules which the law has to adhere too. Otherwise tinny little dictator-esq rent a cops get a God complex and think someone ALL the stuff in the store is theirs and they're allowed to do whatever to protect it.


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