Friday, December 28, 2007

Holy sh!t

I had no idea Bhutto got clipped. Found out from my brother at dinner.

Holy shit! Holy, holy shit. I can only see bad shit happening for Pakistan now. She was the charasmatic leader of the PPP. The only other name brand out there is Nawaz Sharif and when he was in was an absolute shocker (especially since the reason Musharraf took power was because when he was army chief Sharif attempted to whack Musharraf via a plane crash plot).

Holy shit. The knock on for this could very well be the Army retaking control (it effectively is, but Musharraf is no longer Army boss), the ISI launching a coup within the army, hell war with India as some psycho fuckbar in a new government decides to get all Kashmir about it.

This is bad juju. Very, very bad juju.

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