Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Area mother's defrosted bolognaise a worry

My parents bought down half the contents of their deep freeze as a means to use it up I suppose. Except the three hour drive down to the coast in the old esky left things a tad half defrosted by the time they arrived. Last night we gathered for the communal feast of spaghetti which included the above.

TheWife and I agreed the bolog had likely breathed its last gasp about three years ago, or whenever it was interred in its frozen ice tomb. You know those handy hint graphics they have on the side of the freezer with the fish cartoon and 'X months' and a chicken with 'Y months' etc? Well I think the folks treat them more as serving suggestions. Anyway theWife left hers, and I had a couple of mouthfuls of mine, but no impact on the gut thus far so it was prob okay.

The cafe has ezy listening on. They are inflicting us with Bonnie Tyler. Is she the same one who did Bettie Davis eyes before Apple's mum claimed as her own? Perhaps.

Anyway, just on swan neck. I like her. She's a good actress. She's certainly easy on the eye. She has a nice smile. I think people should leave her alone. Yes I know I shouldn't be defending those on the celeb treadmill - and I vascilate between feelings of sucked shit and unfair to snails when they get stalked by people who like like me with their long lenses penis envy style cameras as they pursue poor celebs when they're out buying a fucking milkshake so some low rent crap fame mag like Famous or NW can blow up the photo and ad some smart arse comment about how they are normal and/or pregnant because they stucka tume on themselves because they decided to cut their exercise back from one hour a day.

I am ranting here now. I think its missing the internet that there is a welter of thoughts etc coming my way.

Holiday reading snapshot; Julian May's Intervention. Its a prequal to her awesome back in time series. I forget what it's called. Now I am reading some book about how the US is an empire in almost every sense of the word and how it may not be a totally bad thing. Interesting proposal - I will examine it in interest. Theboy doesn't like it so much when I read it out to him however.

Watched Scrubs Season 6. As ever - awesome. It's gotten a little soapie in the sense its more about the trials/tribulations of the core characters with the medical stuff very much in the background. But still a top notch comedy program that has stood the test of time. Kudos to the makers. Well worth getting and watching in great lumps.

Oh - classic holiday mistake. The lovely ladies came in to service the room after one of the worst night's sleep of my life. I had managed to make it to the big bed about 40 mins before but the gardener decided to mow the lawn just outside our window. When the lovely ladies asked how it was going I said 'Great, apart from Captain Analsore and his giant noise machine cutting grass at 9 am...'

It was a bit of a tumbleweed moment considering I had slagged off a colleague. Still on the suggestions section on the post out form I will note that perhaps they could not mow the lawn until say 10 am to preserve the sleep of those so deprived. After-all holidays are supposed to be about catching up on globs of sleep and some dude power chopping grass three feet from your open window is hardly conducive to it.

Oh apologies for typos. The cafe doesn't have the spell check in mozilla loaded, nor is there Word on this machine.

Apparently my dad had visited this blog but was put off by my potty mouth. Fair enough. He's very much of the old school non cursing generation. I can remember when I came to a state school from the wilds of the private school experience that on my first day there I got called a prick. I was deeply offended. Then I realised soon enough that cursing was rich in meaty jelly and even the dreaded C word was not such a big deal. Cursing is fun! Although now theBoy is here the sailor talk will prob be given the heave ho and removed from normal conversation - instead relegated to the 'daddy hurt himself' category.

Or when I talk about the Liberal party. Or if some inanimate object gives daddy the shits.

Well I guess that's it. No other news to report. Our friends down in Canberra are looking after our place and all is well there. And on Friday we drive back to the original hometown for Xmas and to see various friends etc that are still there.

Oh one thing about having a baby. The tendency for the parents to call each other Daddy and Mummy as a reinforcement thing for the Noo. Which also extends into conversations when theBoy isn't around. It's a little Oedipusian.

Have fun in the sun peeps. Hope all is well with y'all.


  1. Although now theBoy is here the sailor talk will prob be given the heave ho and removed from normal conversation - instead relegated to the 'daddy hurt himself' category.
    Or when I talk about the Liberal party. Or if some inanimate object gives daddy the shits.

    Or when talking about Optus.

  2. Fuck yes. When I get back those fuckers are getting the e-heave ho too.


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