Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Area man gets his arse kicked

My nieces, sevenish and I think fivish, just kicked my arse at the Dora the Explorer memory game. I got one pair. They got the rest.

Christmas rawks.

Lunch was hard. Xmas lunch is typically about gorging yourself rotten. Except I can't do it anymore. So I had to be circumspect in my consumption. Which sucks on one level but is far better for me than on every other level.

Anyway, I hope your Xmas lunch went well as well. What did you have? HM wants to know.

Us: Rare roast beef, pork sausages, baked ham, cold chicken, salad and potato salad. Long gone are the days when the piping hot English lunch was laid on.


  1. We always put together a buffet so that our group of approx 30 can just help themselves -

    Lunch: cold meats (chicken, ham), prawns, variety of salads, trifle, log cake and cream concoction.

    Dinner: roast pork (done in Weber), chicken, ham, salads, roast veges, trifle, plum pudding, steamed syrup pudding, chocolate self-saucing pudding, custard, brandy sauce.

    I never actually end up gorging myself. Probably 'cause we also have nibblies out on the tables so that we can graze on bits throughout the day.

  2. Roast potato, pumpkin and carrot; Green salad; Sanitarium Mock Roast; Family Recipe Ice cream pudding made vegan suitable for me.



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