Sunday, December 30, 2007


Today thewife suffered a couple of mild electric beyond-static level shocks from an escalator in a large shopping mall. The second one was more shocking than the first. To me this was an issue. So I went back to tell someone.

I told the security guard. He shrugged. Can't help. Didn't know where the office was. He suggested the chocolates man across the way. I told Mr Chocolate. He told me where the head office was then said helpfully no one would be there since it was a Sunday. I asked if there was an emergency mobile number for centre management - you know someone on call in the advent of say an emergency. He said no. He said the best he could do was tell them tomorrow morning when they came in.

Tomorrow morning.

I left. At a friend's place I rang up the centre management number. Got a voicemail with no mobile number in case of emergencies. Just a straight voicemail. So I left the details of the incident and my number.

Do I expect to get a call? No.

As I left Mr Chocolate I blithely said 'well if someone suffers a cardiac arrest on the escalator you will know why.'

His response was to shrug.

Fuck I hate apathetic people. They could have organised to at least turn the escalator off. Not that hard. There's probably a large fucking off button on it. Didn't even do that.

Unbelievable. What kind of OH&S nonpracticing arse hats are these people?

Let's hope I don't have to go before a coroner or something.


  1. Which shopping centre was this? I do know a security manager at one of them...


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