Monday, December 10, 2007

Adios Pacific Solution

One of the shittier pieces of Liberal-fuck-you has been given the arse, the incredibly insensitively named Pacific Solution.

The word Solution as applied to the movement of large numbers of people was of course last used when prefaced by the word "Final" in WW2. I don't know which tanchute in the Libs armoury thought of them name but they deserve to have one of Christmas Island's famous red crabs inserted up theirs.

Christmas Island alas will still be used as a facility but at least its part of Australia and at least, well I hope it means this, Australian lawyers and journalists will be able to access inmates while they are there.

We take a paltry 14k refugees in total a year. I hope the Labor government increases this number. I hope they restore all they lost. I hope temporary protection visas are given the arse and someone is a refugee they can fucking stay here and rebuild their lives. Its amazing what refugees can do when given the chance to do something. Witness the incredible integration and success of Vietnamese Australians in the 70s and 80's when they came here as ... illegal immigrants.

I hope so. Howard and his miserable crew of fucking arsehats poisoned many swinging Australians against the idea of sharing this country with those whose lives were made miserable or threatened in their homelands. I hope that the ALP can work past this and they don't simply make it 'a little more human' than the Libs and really work to improve the rep refugees have and the ability for any immigrant to get the maximum they can from this country for them and their families.

Multiculturalism worked. Sometimes there were hiccups. But by and large it worked. Then Howard and his no talent ass clowns got in and instead of doing the right thing, they did the political thing.

But what do you expect with bigoted cockheads like Crosby Textor in charge of their platform with the helpings of FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR.

Thank the higher powers it didn't work this time.

So come on ALP. I am one of those lefties that are looking forward to you doing the right thing. I am ready for some disappointments given the political reality of the damage inflicted on society by herr Howard. But don't disappoint me too much.


  1. So much for the independence of our public service.

    Slow down there tiger:

    "THE Rudd Government is about to send home its first asylum seekers — the 16 Indonesians rescued from their sinking boat in the Timor Sea during the election campaign. The decision by Immigration Minister Chris Evans has raised concerns that the Indonesians may not have had the opportunity to confidently put their case before their claim for asylum was rejected."

  2. Thanks for the link. I will scope it out.

  3. I couldn't get that link to work but one of the age reports said they were sent back for being economic Vs political.

    On Friday, Senator Evans ruled that 16 Indonesians who were rescued from their sinking boat in the Timor Sea during the election campaign would be sent home because they had set out for economic reasons.


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